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List of registered teams

Club Team name Category
7 Fantastics Girls Open
AAS Sarcelles Boys 16
AAS Sarcelles Girls 15
AAS Sarcelles Girls 18
AC Bobigny 93 Girls 15
AC Bobigny 93 Girls 18
Algeria Boys 18
AM 92 Boys 16
AM 92 Boys 18
Bagneux Boys 18
Bagneux Boys Open
CD 41 Boys 16
Celtic Barbarians Girls 18
Chartres Metropole Boys 16
Chartres Metropole Boys 18
Club Armée de Terre Girls Open
Club de Sucy Boys 18
Club HEC Boys Open
Club Montreuillois Girls 18
Colombie Boys 18
EFR Girls 18
Hong Kong Union Girls 18
Kandy Rugby Academy Boys 16
Kmer 7 Boys Open
Lanka Lions Boys Open
Massy Chilly Girls Open
NRDP Malaysia Boys 18
Ocean's Seven rouge Boys Open
Ocean's Seven bleu Boys Open
Ocean's Seven Girls Open
Paris Sud Boys 16
Pays de Brest Girls 18
Ploemeur Rugby Club Girls Open
PUC Boys 16
PUC Boys 18
RCP15 Boys 18
RCP15 Girls Open
SCC Academy Boys 16
Shin Men Junior HS Boys 16
Tahiti Nui Boys Open
Terre de France Girls 15
Titans Boys 18
Tribe Girls 15
Tribe Girls 18
TUKS Girls Open
Utah Boys 16