Medals 2018:
(Playoff B)
JSCPO was one of 75 clubs from France that had teams playing during Paris World Games 2018. They participated with 18 teams in all categories except Girls 11, Girls 14, Girls 17, Girls 19 and Girls Open. The team in Boys 17 made it to the the Semi final in Playoff A, but lost it against Montrouge FC by 0-3.

JSCPO originates from Paris, which is the same city as where Paris World Games takes place. The area around PARIS does also provide 74 additional clubs participating during Paris World Games 2018 (Among others: PSG Academy, VGA St-Maur, Eaubonne CSM, Paris United, Sarcelles, Club Olympique de Cachan, Val de Fontenay, Charenton, AAS Fresnes and Sparta Rotterdam).

92 games played


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