AS Truitier

Medals 2018:
(Playoff B)
2017: 1
AS Truitier was one of 6 clubs from Haiti that had teams playing during Paris World Games 2018. They participated with two teams in Boys 11 and Boys 14 respectively. The team in Boys 11 made it to the the 1/4 Final in Playoff A, but lost it against ACBB 1 by 0-4.

In addition to this, AS Truitier have participated in Paris World Games before. During Paris World Games 2017, AS Truitier had one team playing in Boys 11. The team in Boys 11 made it to the the Final in Playoff B, but lost it against FC LES LILAS by 1-8.

AS Truitier comes from Port au Prince which lies approximately 7400 km from Paris, where Paris World Games takes place.

8 games played


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