Chaudron HBCED B17

Registration number: 1019
Registrator: Jean-Michel COINDEVEL Log in
Primary shirt color: Red
Chaudron HBCED was one of 8 clubs from Réunion that had teams playing during Paris World Games 2019. They participated with one team in Boys 17.

In addition to Chaudron HBCED, 7 other teams from 4 different countries played in Boys 17. They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof Chaudron HBCED could be found in Group B together with Ara de Macouria, AS Château-Morange and AS Sartrouville HB.

Chaudron HBCED continued to Playoff B after reaching 4:th place in Group B. In the playoff they made it to Semi final, but lost it against Montmagny Handball with 26-32. In the Final, Club Social Progreso won over Montmagny Handball and became the winner of Playoff B in Boys 17.

Chaudron HBCED comes from Sainte-clotilde which lies approximately 9400 km from Paris, where Paris World Games takes place. The area around Sainte-clotilde does also provide six additional clubs participating during Paris World Games 2019 (ASHB Tamponnais, CASE Cressonnière, JS La Saline, Lasours Handball, AS Château-Morange and Port Handball Club).

4 games played


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