Elite Sports Academy B12

Registration number: 1078
Registrator: Mahmoud kaddoura Log in
Primary shirt color: Black
In addition to Elite Sports Academy, 20 other teams from 7 different countries played in Boys 12. They were divided into 6 different groups, whereof Elite Sports Academy could be found in Group D together with SVE 92, J.S.A Ath Djemhour, Val Yerres Crosnes and CFFP Paris.

Elite Sports Academy continued to Playoff B after reaching 4:th place in Group D. In the playoff they made it to 1/4 Final, but lost it against JSC Pitray Olier White with 0-3. In the Final, JSC Pitray Olier White won over AF Paris 18 and became the winner of Playoff B in Boys 12.

5 games played


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