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LB07 - IF Limhamn Bunkeflo

LB07 - IF Limhamn Bunkeflo was one of 100 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Skånecupen 2017. They participated with two teams in Pojkar 9 Lätt- födda -08 el. senare and Pojkar 9 Svår- födda -08 el. senare respectively. Two teams played until in Gruppspel; Pojkar 9 Lätt- födda -08 el. senare P9L-Röd and Pojkar 9 Svår- födda -08 el. senare P9L-Svart .

LB07 - Limhamn Bunkeflo comes from Bunkeflostrand which lies approximately 5 km from Malmö, where Skånecupen takes place. The area around Bunkeflostrand does also provide 79 additional clubs participating during Skånecupen 2017 (Among others: Limhamn Bunkeflo 2007 (LB07), Skegrie BK, Skanör Falterbo IF, IFK TRELLEBORG FK, Dösjöbro IF, FC Rosengård, Algeriskaföreningen i Malmö, FCR Akademi, Lunds BK F14 and BK Olympic).

6 games played


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