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Lindeborgs FF

Medals 2019:
(Slutspel B)
2016: 1
Lindeborgs FF was one of 98 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Skånecupen 2019. They participated with four teams in Pojkar 8 Lätt- födda -11 el. senare , Pojkar 11 Lätt - födda -08 el. senare, Pojkar 12/13 - födda -07 el. senare and Pojkar 15- födda -04 el. senare respectively. Two teams played until in Gruppspel; Pojkar 8 Lätt- födda -11 el. senare lost against Svedala IF Röd by 0-1 and Pojkar 11 Lätt - födda -08 el. senare lost against Hyllie IK Svart by 1-4.

In addition to this, Lindeborgs FF have participated in Skånecupen before. During Skånecupen 2018, Lindeborgs had one team playing in Pojkar 14 - födda -04 el. senare. The team in Pojkar 14 - födda -04 el. senare made it to the the 1/4 Final in Slutspel A, but lost it against Kvarnby IK Vit by 1-2.

Lindeborgs originates from Malmö, which is the same city as where Skånecupen takes place. The area around Malmö does also provide 75 additional clubs participating during Skånecupen 2019 (Among others: Landskrona Bois, Malmö FF, FC Bellevue, IK WORMO, Aakanden GF, FIFH Malmö, Furulunds IK, Malmö IKF, Malmö City FC P07 and Hardeberga BK).

16 games played


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