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Gideonsbergs IF P12-9 GIF P06

Registration number: 1174
Registrator: Tomas Siggelin
Primary shirt color: Light blue
Leader: Tomas Siggelin
Pär Vahlström
In addition to Gideonsbergs IF, 40 other teams played in Pojkar 12-9. They were divided into 4 different groups, whereof Gideonsbergs IF GIF P06 could be found in Group C together with Qviding FIF 2, Fagersta Södra IK, Örby IS Röd, BK30 Vit, Hällbybrunn IF P-06, BK Forward Trängen Gul, Skövde AIK, Sickla IF P06 Blå and Tyresöpojkarna 135.

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