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Hällbybrunn IF P-06 P12-9

Registration number: 1190
Registrator: Niklas Blomquist
Primary shirt color: White
Leader: Niklas Blomquist
Andreas Åteg
Jeramy Roberts
Marcus Wedstedt
Hällbybrunn IF P-06 was one of 133 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Forwardcupen 2018. They participated with one team in Pojkar 12-9.

In addition to Hällbybrunn IF P-06, 40 other teams played in Pojkar 12-9.

Hällbybrunn P-06 comes from Eskilstuna which lies approximately 76 km from Örebro, where Forwardcupen takes place. The area around Eskilstuna does also provide 16 additional clubs participating during Forwardcupen 2018 (Among others: Gideonsbergs IF, Ärla/Stenkvista, Skiljebo SK, Irsta IF, IFK Västerås, Torshälla Nyby IS, Eskilstuna United, IK Viljan Strängnäs, Västerås IK and Västerås SK).

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