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BK Forward - Lundby

BK Forward - Lundby was one of 57 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Forwardcupen 2022. They participated with two teams in Pojkar 9 (2 dagars).

Forward - Lundby originates from Örebro, which is the same city as where Forwardcupen takes place. The area around Örebro does also provide 23 additional clubs participating during Forwardcupen 2022 (Among others: Hampetorp-Odensbackens IF, Rynninge / Syrianska, IK Sturehov, BK Forward F09, Hovsta IF, IFK Lindesberg, Lekebergs IF, Nora BK, Örebro Syrianska Ungdom and Karlslunds IF FK).

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