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Red Sea

Medals 2018:
(Cup Finals)
2019: 1 2017: 1
Red Sea was one of 115 clubs from Australia that had teams playing during AFS Shepparton Cup 2018. They participated with 5 teams in U7 Boys (Born in 2011) 4v4, U9 Boys COPA (Born in 2009) 7v7, U10 Boys COPA (Born in 2008) 9v9, U12 Boys LIGA (Born 2006) 11v11 and U14 Boys (Born in 2004) 11v11 respectively. The team in U14 Boys (Born in 2004) 11v11 made it to the the Final in Cup Finals, but lost it against Avondale Avengers by 1-3.

In addition to this, Red Sea have participated in AFS Shepparton Cup before. During AFS Shepparton Cup 2017, Red Sea had 4 teams playing in U8 (Born in 2009), U9 (Born in 2008), U12 (Born in 2005) and U13 (Born in 2004) respectively. The team in U9 (Born in 2008) made it to the the Final in Cup, but lost it against North Geelong Warriors by 1-3.

Red Sea comes from Broadmeadows which lies approximately 150 km from Shepparton, where AFS Shepparton Cup takes place. The area around Broadmeadows does also provide 64 additional clubs participating during AFS Shepparton Cup 2018 (Among others: Beaumaris, Brighton, Balmoral, FTS, Beaumaris Galaxy, Sydenham Park, NMA, Ringwood City, Manningham united and South Melbourne FC).

26 games played


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