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Langwarrin U12 Girls Smurfettes

Registration number: 1213
Registrator: Michael Kramer Log in
Primary shirt color: Blue
Leader: Toby Lourens
Michael Kramer
Langwarrin was one of 115 clubs from Australia that had teams playing during AFS Shepparton Cup 2018. They participated with one team in U12 Girls (Born 2006) 9v9.

In addition to Langwarrin, 5 other teams played in U12 Girls (Born 2006) 9v9.

Langwarrin Smurfettes continued to Cup Finals after reaching 5:th place in Group A. In the playoff they made it to Semi final, but lost it against SMWFC Go South with 0-3. In the Final, SMWFC Go South won over Ballarat Eureka Strikers and became the winner of Cup Finals in U12 Girls (Born 2006) 9v9.

Langwarrin comes from Langwarrin which lies approximately 200 km from Shepparton, where AFS Shepparton Cup takes place. The area around Langwarrin does also provide 29 additional clubs participating during AFS Shepparton Cup 2018 (Among others: Rosebud Heart, Beaumaris, Brighton, Berwick Churches, Beaumaris Galaxy, Ringwood City, Identity Pro Academy, Monash City, Kingston City and Doveton).

5 games played


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