Monash City FMA

Medals 2019:
(Cup Finals)
Monash City FMA was one of 128 clubs from Australia that had teams playing during Shepparton Cup 2019. They participated with two teams in U8 Boys LIGA (Born in 2011) 7v7 and U15/16 Boys (Born in 2003) 11v11 respectively. The team in U8 Boys LIGA (Born in 2011) 7v7 made it to the the Final in Cup Finals, but lost it against Bendigo by 0-2.

Monash City FMA comes from Chadestone which lies approximately 170 km from Shepparton, where Shepparton Cup takes place. The area around Chadestone does also provide 90 additional clubs participating during Shepparton Cup 2019 (Among others: Travel4Football, Elite Futbol Development Academy, Truganina Hornets, Clarinda, FC Bulleen Lions, Eltham Redbacks, East Bentleigh, Sydenham Park, The Collective and Yarraville Glory).

11 games played


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