Shepparton junior soccer association U15/16

Registration number: 1110
Registrator: Hill Log in
Primary shirt color: Green
Leader: Glenn Hocking
Ian Wilson
Claire Hanning
In addition to Shepparton junior soccer association, 15 other teams played in U15/16 Boys (Born in 2003) 11v11. They were divided into 4 different groups, whereof Shepparton junior soccer association could be found in Group A together with Monash City FMA, Casey Panthers and Shepparton City U16.

Shepparton junior soccer association continued to Plate Finals after reaching 3:rd place in Group A. In the playoff they made it to Semi final, but lost it against Geelong Rangers with 1-5. In the Final, Geelong Rangers won over Ringwood City and became the winner of Plate Finals in U15/16 Boys (Born in 2003) 11v11.

5 games played


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