Northcote City

Northcote City was one of 74 clubs from Australia that had teams playing during Macca’s City Cup 2019. They participated with two teams in 01 July Darebin- Boys U12 . Two teams played until in State Finals - Group Stage; 01 July Darebin- Boys U12 White won over FC Bulleen Lions Red by 3-1 but 01 July Darebin- Boys U12 Blue lost against Manningham United Blues Red by 1-3.

Northcote City comes from Thornbury which lies approximately 4 km from Bundoora, where Macca’s City Cup takes place. The area around Thornbury does also provide 51 additional clubs participating during Macca’s City Cup 2019 (Among others: Knox City FC, Riversdale, Glen Eira, Bentleigh Greens, Brunswick City, Croydon City Arrows, Kingston City, Pascoe Vale, Taylors Lakes and Green Gully SC).

12 games played


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