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Basket Pastelka MB

Medals 2018:
(Playoff A)
Medals 2018:
(Playoff B)
Basket Pastelka MB was one of 6 clubs from the Czech Republic that had teams playing during Limfjords-Cup 2018. They participated with three teams in Girls 13 (born 2006), Girls 14 (born 2005) and Girls 18 (born 2001) respectively. Two teams played until Bronze match in Playoff A; Girls 13 (born 2006) lost against Stredocesky by 14-35 and Girls 18 (born 2001) lost against Dames Avanti Brugge 1 by 36-45.

The area around does also provide five additional clubs participating during Limfjords-Cup 2018 (SBK Sadska, BS Tigers Prague, Stredocesky, Sadske Vosy and Basket Parker).

17 games played


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