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LTV Lippstadt

Medals 2018:
(Playoff B)
LTV Lippstadt was one of 16 clubs from Germany that had teams playing during Limfjords-Cup 2018. They participated with two teams in Boys 16 (born 2003) and Girls 20 (born 1999) respectively. The team in Girls 20 (born 1999) made it to the the Final in Playoff Band won it over H.S.V. Basketball by 35-26.

The area around does also provide 14 additional clubs participating during Limfjords-Cup 2018 (Among others: Capitol Bascats Düsseldorf, Ahrensburger TSV, Jade Giants, Hagen Huskies, SC Rist Wedel, Capitol Bascats  Düsseldorf, Piraten Hamburg, TVE Dortmund Barop, BC Marburg and The Shots).

11 games played


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