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Blantyre SA

Blantyre SA was one of 217 clubs from Scotland that had teams playing during The Edinburgh Cup 2019. The team in Boys U14s - Fri-Sat (Sun Finals) made it to the the Final in Cup, but lost it against Portobello CFA by 0-3.

Blantyre SA comes from South Lanarkshire which lies approximately 48 km from Edinburgh, where The Edinburgh Cup takes place. The area around South Lanarkshire does also provide 67 additional clubs participating during The Edinburgh Cup 2019 (Among others: Armadale CFC, Aston Villa BC, Bedlay CFC, Burnbank FC, Cambuslang Colts FC, Cambuslang FA, Celtic FC, Claremont AFC, Drumchapel UTD and East Kilbride FC).

6 games played


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