North East Sports Athletico BU10s (Dev) - Sat

Registration number: North East Sports Athletico_2010 (Development -7s)
North East Sports Athletico was one of 28 clubs from England that had teams playing during The Edinburgh Cup 2019. They participated with one team in Boys U10s (Dev) - Sat.

In addition to North East Sports Athletico, 11 other teams played in Boys U10s (Dev) - Sat.

North East Sports Athletico comes from Northumberland which lies approximately 110 km from Edinburgh, where The Edinburgh Cup takes place. The area around Northumberland does also provide 11 additional clubs participating during The Edinburgh Cup 2019 (Among others: Boldon Colts FC, Berwick Juniors FC, Berwick Juniors, Bedlington FC, Ashington United FC, Newcastle West End FC, Marton FC, Wark Juniors FC, Washington United FC and Newcastle City Juniors).

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