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Torsångs IF F12 (f 2007) Borlänge

Registration number: 1011
Registrator: Niklas Avebom Log in
Primary shirt color: Yellow
Secondary shirt color: Blue
Leader: Erica Dahlqvist
Fredrik Lindblad
Victoria Forsberg
Andreas Nylin
Magdalena Nordlund
Lisa Bergman
Niklas Avebom
In addition to Torsångs IF, 32 other teams played in Flickor 12 (födda 2007) BORLÄNGE. They were divided into 3 different groups, whereof Torsångs IF could be found in Group C together with Tynset IF, Stuvsta IF Svart, IK Viljan Strängnäs 2, Värmdö IF 2, AIK, IFK Timrå, Järla IF FK, Islingby IK, Ås IF and Viggbyholms IK FF 2.

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