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List of registered teams

Club Category Team name
AIK Boys 2004 AIK
AIK Boys 2003 AIK
AIK Girls 2003 AIK
Arsenal FC Boys 2004 Arsenal FC
B93 Girls 2003 B93
Breidablik Boys 2003 Breidablik
Club Brügge KV Boys 2003 Club Brügge KV
Everton FC Boys 2003 Everton FC
FC Barcelona Boys 2003 FC Barcelona
FC Groningen Boys 2004 FC Groningen
FC Internazionale Milano Boys 2003 FC Internazionale Milano
FC Kia Boys 2003 FC Kia
FC København Boys 2004 FC København
FC København Boys 2003 FC København
HJK Helsinki Boys 2004 HJK Helsinki
HJK Helsinki Girls 2003 HJK Helsinki
Juventus FC Boys 2004 Juventus FC
Lierse SK Girls 2003 Lierse SK
Northern Ireland FA Boys 2004 Northern Ireland FA
Northern Ireland FA Boys 2003 Northern Ireland FA
Northern Ireland FA Girls 2003 Northern Ireland FA
Oslo Fotballkrets Girls 2003 Oslo Fotballkrets
Paris Saint-Germain Girls 2003 Paris Saint-Germain
RCD Espanyol Girls 2003 RCD Espanyol
Skonto FC Boys 2004 Skonto FC
Stabæk Fotball Boys 2004 Stabæk Fotball
Stabæk Fotball Girls 2003 Stabæk Fotball
Vancouver Whitecaps FC Boys 2003 Vancouver Whitecaps FC
VJS Girls 2003 VJS