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IK Sävehof Vallum

IK Sävehof Vallum was one of 87 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Bohus Cup 2017. They participated with four teams in Flickor 06. The team in Flickor 06 made it to the the Semi final in Slutspel B, but lost it against STIF Håndball 2 by 7-12.

Sävehof Vallum comes from Partille which lies approximately 17 km from Kungälv, where Bohus Cup takes place. The area around Partille does also provide 26 additional clubs participating during Bohus Cup 2017 (Among others: Heid/Nord, IK Nord, IK Sävehof, Nödinge SK Handboll, HK Bollebygd, Bjurslätts IF, BK Heid, Alingsås HK, Mölndals HF and Härryda HK).

19 games played


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