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Futuro Rio Bancarios A 18/19

Registration number: 1248
Registrator: Snorre Holand Log in
Primary shirt color: Red
Leader: Snorre Holand
Jair Ferreira da Silva
Luciano Monteiro de Aguiar
Gilson Ferreira da Silva
Robson dos Santos Souza
Gerson Ferreira da Silva
Tathiane Tadin
Tom Dybwad
Gold medal! Won the entire Playoff A! Congratulations!
3:rd highest goal count per match among the teams in A 18/19 (4.6)
Highest goal count among the teams in A 18/19 (37)
Futuro Rio Bancarios was one of three clubs from Brazil that had teams playing during Norway Cup 2016. They participated with one team in A - Gutter 11-er,18/19 år.

In addition to Futuro Rio Bancarios, 69 other teams from 7 different countries played in A - Gutter 11-er,18/19 år. They were divided into 17 different groups, whereof Futuro Rio Bancarios could be found in Group 3 together with Follese FK, Oppdal IL and Stålkameratene, IL.

Futuro Rio Bancarios made it to Playoff A after reaching 1:st place in Group 3. Once in the playoff they won every match inluding the Final against Hallingdal FK 1, which they won with 7-6. Thereby Futuro Rio Bancarios won the entire Playoff A in A - Gutter 11-er,18/19 år during Norway Cup 2016.

Futuro Rio Bancarios comes from Nesbru which lies approximately 9900 km from Oslo, where Norway Cup takes place. Other than Futuro Rio Bancarios, the club Alunorte Rain Forest does also originate from the area around Nesbru.

8 games played


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