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Uskedal IL

Medals 2018:
(Playoff B)
Uskedal IL was one of 494 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Norway Cup 2018. They participated with two teams in Boys 14 - born 2004 - 7 aside and Girls 14 - born 2004 - 7 aside respectively. The team in Girls 14 - born 2004 - 7 aside made it to the the Final in Playoff Band won it over Skodje IL by 4-1.

In addition to this, Uskedal IL have participated in Norway Cup before. During Norway Cup 2017, Uskedal had one team playing in M - Boys 7-aside, 13 years. The team in M - Boys 7-aside, 13 years made it to the the 1/16 Final in Playoff B, but lost it against Sotra SK 2 by 2-3.

Uskedal comes from Uskedal which lies approximately 270 km from Oslo, where Norway Cup takes place. The area around Uskedal does also provide 8 additional clubs participating during Norway Cup 2018 (Stord Fotball, Trio, IL, Ølen IL - fotballgr., Nore Neset/Os, Njardar/Tysnes IL, Os TF, Rosendal TL and Eikelandsfjorden IL).

13 games played


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