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Nerskogen IL G17

Registration number: 1152
Registrator: Hege Wilhelmsen Log in
Primary shirt color: Blue
Leader: Atle Hansen
Vidar Olsen
Nerskogen IL was one of 494 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Norway Cup 2018. They participated with one team in Girls 17 - born 2001 - 11 aside.

In addition to Nerskogen IL, 36 other teams from 4 different countries played in Girls 17 - born 2001 - 11 aside. They were divided into 9 different groups, whereof Nerskogen IL could be found in Group 9 together with Djerv 1919, Herd, Spk. - Fotball and Malvik IL.

Nerskogen IL continued to Playoff B after reaching 3:rd place in Group 9. In the playoff they made it to 1/8 Final, but lost it against Strindheim IL 2 with 0-3. In the Final, Steinkjer FK won over Bergen Nord, FK Bergen Nord and became the winner of Playoff B in Girls 17 - born 2001 - 11 aside.

Nerskogen comes from Alta which lies approximately 1300 km from Oslo, where Norway Cup takes place.

4 games played


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