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Clube Pequeninos do Jockey B14

Registration number: 1485
Registrator: José Guimarães Junior Log in
Primary shirt color: Red
Silver medal! Reached second place in Playoff A
Highest goal count per match among the teams in B14 (6.0)
Highest goal count among the teams in B14 (54)
Clube Pequeninos do Jockey was one of three clubs from Brazil that had teams playing during Norway Cup 2018. They participated with one team in Boys 14 - born 2004 - 11 aside.

In addition to Clube Pequeninos do Jockey, 129 other teams from 9 different countries played in Boys 14 - born 2004 - 11 aside. They were divided into 32 different groups, whereof Clube Pequeninos do Jockey could be found in Group 2 together with Høybråten og Stovner IL, Notodden FK and Skreia IL G 14.

Clube Pequeninos do Jockey made it to Playoff A after reaching 1:st place in Group 2. Once in the playoff they made it all the way to the Final, but lost it against Bangkok Christian College with 0-1. Thereby Clube Pequeninos do Jockey finished second in B14 Playoff A during Norway Cup 2018.

Clube Pequeninos do Jockey comes from São Paulo - Brazil which lies approximately 11000 km from Oslo, where Norway Cup takes place.

9 games played


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