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Nordstrand IF B14 Hvit

Registration number: 2087
Registrator: Kjell Arne Orseth Log in
Primary shirt color: White
Leader: Klemet Gaski
Anders Holen
Kjell Arne Orseth
In addition to the two Nordstrand teams, 128 other teams from 10 different countries played in Boys 14 - born 2004 - 11 aside. They were divided into 32 different groups, whereof Nordstrand IF Hvit could be found in Group 21 together with Belmont United SC, Osterøy IL and Moelven IL.

Nordstrand IF Hvit continued to Playoff A after reaching 2:nd place in Group 21. In the playoff they made it to 1/32 Final, but lost it against Ullern IF 1 with 0-2. In the Final, Bangkok Christian College won over Clube Pequeninos do Jockey and became the winner of Playoff A in Boys 14 - born 2004 - 11 aside.

Nordstrand IF also participated in D - Boys 9-aside, 13 years during Norway Cup 2017. They reached the final in Playoff A, but lost it against Kolbotn IL with 1-2 and ended up in second place.

4 games played


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