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Korsgård IF Boys 9 3v3

Registration number: 2257
Registrator: Henning Bergquist Ruud Log in
Primary shirt color: Green
Leader: Henning Bergquist Ruud
Geir Pettersen
In addition to Korsgård IF, 94 other teams played in Boys 9 years - born 2009 - 3v3. They were divided into 3 different groups, whereof Korsgård IF could be found in Group 1 together with Veitvet SK 1, Haramsøy/Nordøy FK HaNo, Bækkelagets SK 2, Vålerenga Fotball Mesterne hvit, Vålerenga Fotball Mesterne blå, Øvrevoll Hosle IL ØHIL Vard Mix, Bækkelagets SK 1, Veitvet SK 2 and Skrim, IL Skrim IL.

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