Raufoss Fotball G19 1

Registration number: 1592
Registrator: Oystein Bjorge
Primary shirt color: Yellow
Secondary shirt color: Black
Leader: Ståle Bokalrud
Dag Stian Lindstad
Øystein Bjørge
Trond Børresen
Third place and the bronze medal of Playoff A
Highest goal count per match among the teams in G19 (5.6)
Highest goal count among the teams in G19 (34)
In addition to the two Raufoss Fotball teams, 18 other teams from 3 different countries played in Girls 18/19 - born 2000 - 11aside. They were divided into 5 different groups, whereof Raufoss Fotball 1 could be found in Group 1 together with Ulfstind, IL, Trygg/Lade, SK and Torvastad IL.

Raufoss Fotball also participated in Girls 18/19 - born 1999 - 11aside during Norway Cup 2018. They reached the 1/4 Final in G19 Playoff A, but lost it against Hødd, IL - Fotball with 0-1.

6 games played


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