Valldal IL - Fotball B13/14

Registration number: 1612
Registrator: Glenn Rognsø
Primary shirt color: Blue
Leader: Glenn Rognsø
Odd Lennart Vikene
Felix Jørg Bartel
Gold medal! Won the entire Playoff B! Congratulations!
Valldal IL - Fotball was one of 457 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Norway Cup 2019. They participated with one team in Boys 13/14 - born 2005 - 7 aside.

In addition to Valldal IL - Fotball, 66 other teams from 10 different countries played in Boys 13/14 - born 2005 - 7 aside. They were divided into 16 different groups, whereof Valldal IL - Fotball could be found in Group 2 together with Treungen IL, Start and Søreide Idrettslag.

Valldal IL - Fotball made it to Playoff B after reaching 3:rd place in Group 2. Once in the playoff they won every match inluding the Final against Nordre Fjell Fotball /Skjergard, which they won with 2-1. Thereby Valldal IL - Fotball won the entire Playoff B in Boys 13/14 - born 2005 - 7 aside during Norway Cup 2019.

Valldal - Fotball comes from Valldal which lies approximately 330 km from Oslo, where Norway Cup takes place. The area around Valldal does also provide 8 additional clubs participating during Norway Cup 2019 (Ørskog IL - Fotball, Stranda IL - Fotball, Blindheim IL, Sykkylven IL - Fotball, Stordal IL - Fotball, Vestnes Varfjell IL, Åndalsnes and Tomrefjord/Fiksdal/Rekdal).

8 games played


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