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Sunndal IL Fotball G16

Registration number: 1709
Registrator: Jørund Svensli
Primary shirt color: Red
Leader: Turid Gravem Hammer
In addition to Sunndal IL Fotball, 48 other teams played in Girls 16 - born 2003- 11 aside. They were divided into 12 different groups, whereof Sunndal IL Fotball could be found in Group 6 together with Rakkestad IF, HIF/Stein 2 and Super 7 FC.

Sunndal IL Fotball continued to Playoff A after reaching 1:st place in Group 6. In the playoff they made it to 1/4 Final, but lost it against Ekholt BK with 0-2. In the Final, Åndalsnes IF won over Bremnes IL and became the winner of Playoff A in Girls 16 - born 2003- 11 aside.

5 games played


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