Lyn Fotball Boys 10 3v3 Lyn Grønn

Registration number: 1935
Registrator: Tom Erik Øgland
Primary shirt color: Red
In addition to the three Lyn Fotball teams, 30 other teams played in Boys 10 years - born 2009 - 3v3. They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof Lyn Fotball Lyn Grønn could be found in Group 1 together with Bækkelagets SK 2, Ullern IF, Holter Real, Lyn Fotball Lyn Rød, Bækkelagets SK 1, BSK vest, Bækkelagets SK 3, Bækkelagets SK 5, Oppsal IF Fotball 6, Bækkelagets SK 4, Kråkstad IL Albion, Nøtterøy IF, Oppsal IF Fotball 7 and Lyn Fotball Lyn Blå.

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