Bækkelagets SK B14

Registration number: 1967
Registrator: Fredrik grohs
Primary shirt color: Yellow
Leader: Fredrik grohs
Simen Skogstad
Anders Grohs
In addition to Bækkelagets SK, 151 other teams from 9 different countries played in Boys 14 - born 2005 - 11 aside. They were divided into 39 different groups, whereof Bækkelagets SK could be found in Group 12 together with Hareid IL, Skånland OIF and Lørenskog 1.

Bækkelagets SK also participated in Boys 13 - born 2005 - 9 aside during Norway Cup 2018. They reached the 1/32 Final in B13 Playoff B, but lost it against MSIL with 1-2.

5 games played


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