Valur G19

Registration number: 2143
Registrator: Ranveig Karlsen
Primary shirt color: Red
Leader: Ranveig Karlsen
Kristjan Arnar
Gold medal! Won the entire Playoff B! Congratulations!
Valur was the only club from Iceland that had teams playing during Norway Cup 2019. They participated with one team in Girls 18/19 - born 2000 - 11aside.

In addition to Valur, 19 other teams played in Girls 18/19 - born 2000 - 11aside. They were divided into 5 different groups, whereof Valur could be found in Group 4 together with Tiller IL, Grand Bodø IK and Kolbotn IL.

Valur made it to Playoff B after reaching 3:rd place in Group 4. Once in the playoff they won every match inluding the Final against Strindheim IL, which they won with 2-0. Thereby Valur won the entire Playoff B in Girls 18/19 - born 2000 - 11aside during Norway Cup 2019.

Valur comes from Reykjavik which lies approximately 1800 km from Oslo, where Norway Cup takes place.

6 games played


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