Holter Boys 10 3v3 Real

Registration number: 2175
Registrator: Andreas Sundnes
Primary shirt color: White
Secondary shirt color: Green
Holter was one of 457 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Norway Cup 2019. They participated with one team in Boys 10 years - born 2009 - 3v3.

In addition to Holter, 32 other teams played in Boys 10 years - born 2009 - 3v3. They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof Holter Real could be found in Group 1 together with Oppsal IF Fotball 6, BSK vest, Oppsal IF Fotball 7, Nøtterøy IF, Lyn Fotball Lyn Blå, Lyn Fotball Lyn Grønn, Lyn Fotball Lyn Rød, Kråkstad IL Albion, Bækkelagets SK 5, Bækkelagets SK 4, Bækkelagets SK 2, Bækkelagets SK 3, Bækkelagets SK 1 and Ullern IF.

Holter comes from HOLTER which lies approximately 29 km from Oslo, where Norway Cup takes place. The area around HOLTER does also provide 83 additional clubs participating during Norway Cup 2019 (Among others: Grei, SF, Ready Ben Reddik, Oslo City FC, Vålerenga Fotball, Gjelleråsen, Haslum IL, Bærums Verk Hauger IF, Bækkelagets Sportsklub, Abildsø IL and Bøler/Bækkelaget).

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