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IFK Norrköping P12-9 Vit

Registration number: 1014
Registrator: Magnus Bergholm
Primary shirt color: White
Secondary shirt color: White
Leader: Johan Lundin
Micke Solhamre
Daniel Stefanovic
In addition to the two IFK Norrköping teams, 39 other teams played in Pojkar 12-9. They were divided into 4 different groups, whereof IFK Norrköping Vit could be found in Group A together with Bk Forward Lundby, IF Brommapojkarna 1, IFK Norrköping Blå, FC Arlanda P06 Grön, IF Brommapojkarna 2, IFK Kumla Vit, Adolfsbergs IK, Bollstanäs SK 11 and IFK Östersund P06.

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