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IK Viljan Strängnäs P16/17

Registration number: 1048
Registrator: Fredrik Öhman
Primary shirt color: Blue
IK Viljan Strängnäs was one of 133 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Forwardcupen 2018. They participated with one team in Pojkar 16/17.

In addition to IK Viljan Strängnäs, 11 other teams played in Pojkar 16/17.

Viljan Strängnäs comes from Strängnäs which lies approximately 100 km from Örebro, where Forwardcupen takes place. The area around Strängnäs does also provide 16 additional clubs participating during Forwardcupen 2018 (Among others: Ärla/Stenkvista, Skiljebo SK, Irsta IF, Hällbybrunn IF P-06, IFK Västerås, Nykvarns SK, Torshälla Nyby IS, Eskilstuna United, New Mill Indians and Västerås IK).

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