Blindheim IL

Medals 2019:
(Slutspill A)
Blindheim IL was one of 13 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Ramudden Cup 2019. They participated with 5 teams in Gutter 14, Gutter 16, Gutter 19, Jenter 14 and Jenter 16 respectively. Three teams played until Final in Slutspill A; Jenter 14 lost against Ellingsøy IL by 0-1, Jenter 16 lost against Sykkylven IL - Fotball by 4-5 and Gutter 19 G19 lost against SIF/Hessa IL - Fotball JR by 0-2.

Blindheim originates from Ålesund, which is the same city as where Ramudden Cup takes place. The area around ÅLESUND does also provide 8 additional clubs participating during Ramudden Cup 2019 (Emblem IL - Fotball, Valder, IL - Fotball, SIF/Hessa IL - Fotball, Herd, Spk. - Fotball, Brattvåg IL - Fotball, Ellingsøy IL, Spjelkavik IL - Fotball and Sykkylven IL - Fotball).

23 games played


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