Rosyth FC BU10s (Dev) - Sat

Registration number: Rosyth FC_2010 (Development -7s)
Rosyth FC was one of 217 clubs from Scotland that had teams playing during The Edinburgh Cup 2019. They participated with one team in Boys U10s (Dev) - Sat.

In addition to Rosyth FC, 11 other teams played in Boys U10s (Dev) - Sat.

Rosyth FC comes from Fife which lies approximately 31 km from Edinburgh, where The Edinburgh Cup takes place. The area around Fife does also provide 62 additional clubs participating during The Edinburgh Cup 2019 (Among others: AC Oxgangs, East Fife Girls & Women, Lochend FA, Hibernian FC, Heart of Midlothian FC, Edinburgh South CFC, Dundee United Sports Club, Cairneyhill AFC, Kelty Hearts CC and Hutchison Vale Girls).

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