KL Rovers Academy

KL Rovers Academy was one of 61 clubs from Malaysia that had teams playing during AirAsia KL Junior League 2020 B 2020. They participated with two teams in Under 9 (Born 2011) and Under 12 Division 2 (Born 2008) respectively. The team in Under 9 (Born 2011) made it to the the in Group playand won it over ISCKL by 3-0.

KL Rovers Academy comes from Kuala Lumpur which lies approximately 110 km from , where AirAsia KL Junior League 2020 B takes place. The area around Kuala Lumpur does also provide 55 additional clubs participating during AirAsia KL Junior League 2020 B 2020 (Among others: MISC, JSA Sports Academy, Pipers FC, Lestari Beast, FC Subest, GENPRO, Prestige Football Academy, Ballhunter FC, Melawati Junior Tigers and The Movement Club).

11 games played


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