Melawati Junior Tigers U9 MJT FC

Registration number: 1029
Registrator: Ahmad Anis Log in
Primary shirt color: Blue
Secondary shirt color: White
Leader: Ahmad Anis
3:rd highest goal count per game among the teams in U9 (3.0)
Melawati Junior Tigers was one of 61 clubs from Malaysia that had teams playing during AirAsia KL Junior League 2020 B 2020. They participated with one team in Under 9 (Born 2011).

In addition to Melawati Junior Tigers, 13 other teams played in Under 9 (Born 2011).

Melawati Junior Tigers comes from Ampang which lies approximately 120 km from , where AirAsia KL Junior League 2020 B takes place. The area around Ampang does also provide 54 additional clubs participating during AirAsia KL Junior League 2020 B 2020 (Among others: MISC, JSA Sports Academy, Pipers FC, Lestari Beast, FC Subest, GENPRO, Prestige Football Academy, Ballhunter FC, The Movement Club and MRSM Bentong).

6 games played


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