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Registration number: 2261
Registrator: Filip Cederholm Log in
Primary shirt color: Red
Leader: Filip Cederholm
Rasmus Nilsson
BØRNES MAGASIN was one of 225 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Åhus Beach Fotboll 2018. They participated with one team in Herr 17-19 Öppen.

In addition to BØRNES MAGASIN, 49 other teams played in Herr 17-19 Öppen. They were divided into 5 different groups, whereof BØRNES MAGASIN could be found in Group 4 together with Skansen academy, Lukkes Playboys, Kalle KK, Nisses Grabbar, Eelcoast, BK Gifflar i Fönstret, Hässleholms IF, Showdellashow FC and Playboys.

Børnes Magasin also participated in Herr 17-19 Öppen during Åhus Beach Fotboll 2017. They reached the Semi final in H17-19Ö B-Slutspel, but lost it against Samba with 1-2.

BØRNES MAGASIN comes from Vinslöv which lies approximately 31 km from Åhus, where Åhus Beach Fotboll takes place. The area around Vinslöv does also provide 83 additional clubs participating during Åhus Beach Fotboll 2018 (Among others: Vinslövs, Toivonens lärjungar, Svarta fåren, Vet inte, Meat is murder FC, Locals Only, Hanawood Angels, En påse nötter, livsfarlig ledning and Basses Boys).

9 games played


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