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Tyringe IF P14

Registration number: 2284
Registrator: Mikael Strömdahl Log in
Primary shirt color: Red
Secondary shirt color: Blue
Leader: Mikael Strömdahl
Jens Danielsson
In addition to Tyringe IF, 16 other teams played in Pojkar 14. They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof Tyringe IF could be found in Group 1 together with IFK Stocksund, Åhus Horna BK 1, Hörby FF, Harlösa IF, Veberöds AIF 1, Trollenäs IF 1, Nättraby GoIF and Mjällby AIF.

Tyringe IF also participated in Pojkar 13 during Åhus Beach Fotboll 2017. They won C-Slutspel, after beating Gärds Köpinge IF in the final with 2-1.

8 games played


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