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IFK Västervik P13 (11)

Registration number: 1185
Registrator: stefan gustavsson Log in
Primary shirt color: Blue
Secondary shirt color: White
Leader: stefan gustavsson
ulf setterdahl
magnus carlsson
vasse manousaridis
IFK Västervik was one of 181 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Skadevi Cup 2014. They participated with one team in Pojkar 13 11-manna.

In addition to IFK Västervik, 23 other teams played in Pojkar 13 11-manna. They were divided into 6 different groups, whereof IFK Västervik could be found in Group 3 together with Tidaholms Gif, Kungsbacka IF and KB Karlskoga 1.

IFK Västervik continued to B-Slutspel after reaching 4:th place in Group 3. In the playoff they made it to 1/4 Final, but lost it against Emmaboda kombination with 0-9. In the Final, Emmaboda kombination won over Lerums IS and became the winner of B-Slutspel in Pojkar 13 11-manna.

IFK Västervik comes from Västervik which lies approximately 180 km from Skövde, where Skadevi Cup takes place.

5 games played


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