Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC was one of 32 clubs from Singapore that had teams playing during JSSL National Leagues 2019/20. They participated with 8 teams in B8 (2011), B9 (2010), B10 (2009), B11 (2008), B13 (2006), B14 (2005) and B16 (2003) respectively. The team in B16 (2003) made it to the the in Group playand won it over Stingers FC by 4-1.

The area around does also provide 30 additional clubs participating during JSSL National Leagues 2019/20 (Among others: Sporting, BFA, LFA, Borussia Academy, GFA Japan, Brazilian Lions, Turf City FC, SSCA, Ace Soccer Academy and ESA).

57 games played


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