Singapore Sports School B13 (2006)

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Leader: Gregory Tan
Teng Wei Ken
Singapore Sports School was one of 32 clubs from Singapore that had teams playing during JSSL National Leagues 2019/20. They participated with one team in B13 (2006).

In addition to Singapore Sports School, 17 other teams played in B13 (2006). They were divided into 3 different groups, whereof Singapore Sports School could be found in Division 1 together with Turf City FC WHITE, JSSL FC 1, SSCA 1, ANZA Socceroos and LFA 2006 Alpha.

The area around does also provide 30 additional clubs participating during JSSL National Leagues 2019/20 (Among others: Sporting, BFA, LFA, Borussia Academy, GFA Japan, Brazilian Lions, Turf City FC, SSCA, Ace Soccer Academy and ESA).

14 games played


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