Bedok Youth Soccerites B14 (2005)

Registration number: 23
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Primary shirt color: Red
Highest goal count per match among the teams in B14 (2005) (3.4)
2:nd highest goal count among the teams in B14 (2005) (34)
Bedok Youth Soccerites was one of 32 clubs from Singapore that had teams playing during JSSL National Leagues 2019/20. They participated with one team in B14 (2005).

In addition to Bedok Youth Soccerites, 17 other teams played in B14 (2005). They were divided into 3 different groups, whereof Bedok Youth Soccerites could be found in Division 3 together with Sporting 2, LFA 2005 Bravo, Barca Academy and JSSL FC Elite Girls 14.

The area around does also provide 30 additional clubs participating during JSSL National Leagues 2019/20 (Among others: Sporting, BFA, LFA, Borussia Academy, GFA Japan, Brazilian Lions, Turf City FC, SSCA, Ace Soccer Academy and ESA).

10 games played


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