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Hestrafors IF

Hestrafors IF was one of 106 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Warbergsspelen 2022. They participated with two teams in Pojkar 09 (Född 2009) and Pojkar 06 (Född 2006) respectively. Two teams played until 1/8 Final in Slutspel B; Pojkar 09 (Född 2009) lost against Craftstaden IBK by 6-10 and Pojkar 06 (Född 2006) lost against Tvååkers Innebandyklubb by 2-5.

Hestrafors comes from Bollebygd which lies approximately 66 km from Varberg, where Warbergsspelen takes place. The area around Bollebygd does also provide 29 additional clubs participating during Warbergsspelen 2022 (Among others: Kinna IBK, Kärra IBK, Lindome IBK, Fbc Lerum F11, Eken ibk, FBC Partille, IBF Älvstranden, Lindås Waves IBK, Eken IBK/Mölndals IBF and Ale IBF).

9 games played


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