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CL98 IC P10 1

Registration number: 1211
Registrator: Thomas Henriksson Log in
Primary shirt color: White
Secondary shirt color: White
Leader: Paul Stenberg
Jonny Karlsson
Henrik Berglund
In addition to the two CL98 teams, 33 other teams played in Pojkar 10 (Född 2010). They were divided into 3 different groups, whereof CL98 IC 1 could be found in Group A together with Stenungsunds innebandy 2, Kärra IBK 1, Sandö IBK, Landvetter Wings Vit, Warberg IBF 1, Pixbo Wallenstam VITRÄVAR, Tranemo IBK, FBC Lerum Panthers, Träslövsläge IF, IK Zenith Vit and IBK ELFHÖG.

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